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352.00 $
PV : 0.5

*The Name of Art: Pateh*History of Art:Peteh is a kind of embroidered fabric in Kerman. The background fabric is a thick, woolen fabric which is called Aariz.The artists of this art, who are mostly ho..

Rug (Kilim)

532.00 $
PV : 1

Rug (Kilim)* The name of the art: Rug Weaving*Material: Wool*Woven in Bojnourd city*Application: _Table Cloth _ Mat _Furniture front_Underlay*Storage conditions: Keep away from moisture..

Silk Carpet

20,750.00 $
PV : 3

Persian Silk Carpet (Handmade)Persian carpets and rugs of various types were woven in parallel by nomadic tribes, in village and town workshops, and by royal court manufactories alike. As such, they r..

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