Mission and Vision

Beginning of the End

Our Mission:

As a manufacturer, Espadland Company strives to develop collaborative efforts among marketers, customers, and employees, as well as the use of technological tools and top international models and competitive advantages (especially brand, wide range of customers and quality products) while interacting with regulatory agencies and decision-makers to develop and implement related laws, and having a constructive relationship with scientific and research institutions to build knowledge management in the field of direct selling, and new forms of business works to maximize the balance of interests and satisfaction of all its stakeholders.



Revival of Culture and Civilization



The Village of Handicrafts



Micro-investment in Capital Economy


Help in making positive changes in the "direct selling" industry to make it a trusted and respected business, as it should be. This allows you to achieve the life you want and deserve. Espadland Company is always seeking to add its sphere of activity to new areas of sales of goods and services and hopes that by attracting more audiences to its goal, which is the production of high-quality, unique products, as well as the creation of new business opportunities for the benefit of the community, especially the ones who are interested in this field.