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Internal laws and regulations of EspadLand Company


Company: means ESPADLAND US INC / Direct Selling Company incorporated under No. 5297328 in the General Registry of Companies and Institutes of California-United States as C Corporation, from now on, called Company.
Head office: The head office of this Company is located in California - U.S.A
Sales representative: means a person who receives specified rates as a compensation plan outside the Company as the mutual contract through the direct sale of products to consumers or supporting and training sales representatives for expanding and increasing sales of the Company.
Marketer: Marketer in EspadLand's Company means Independent Business Owner (IBO) in Single-Level Marketing (S.L.M.)
Networker: Networker in EspadLand's Company means Independent Business Owner (IBO) in Multi-Level Marketing (M.L.M.)
Registration contract creates no employment obligation for the Company and is excluded from the labor and insurance acts.
Sponsoring ID is a unique code for every representative's activity allocated to them after enrolment in the Company.
Consumer(customer): any person who buys the product in return for money for a noncommercial purpose and only for his/her consumption.
Products: means any goods exposed to placing the order in the virtual shop on the web of the Company.
The Compensation income plan is the Company's plan for calculating and paying a percentage of product sales in return for personal sales and of the sales group with Single and multi-levels as profit and commission or bonus of the sales representative.
Commission: a commission accrues to a person through effective sale plus the effective sale of the Company's goods by the sales team based on the compensation plan.
The calculated percent at due dates shall be remitted to the bank account announced by the sales representatives.
Company's goods mean the class of goods under the brand of EspadLand which has been produced for EspadLand Company.
Personal sales volume means the sum of the personally ordered and settled invoices from the virtual office of the sales representative.
Team sales volume: means the sum of the team's ordered and settled invoices from the virtual office of the sales representative.
Settlement: means successful electronic payment of the total price of an invoice by the sales representative or customer.
Virtual office: is a space allocated to each sales representative on site of EspadLand based on which it is possible to observe invoices and records of the received percent from sales representatives along with the related financial notes. In addition, all demands of the sales representatives shall be traced through registration in the virtual head office.
Retailing price: means the announced price of goods on the site of the Company, which is consumer price without the inclusion of V.A.T.
Instruction: means regulations which the board of directors of the Company approves based on requirements plus half plus one person and will be binding as of notification to the sales representatives by all predicted means.
Educational tools: means all virtual or physical tools and equipment prepared by the Company and given to the sales representatives by the Company free of charge or for sale (excluded from the compensation plan).
Educational services: includes any personal or team training in different forms by the Company, sponsors, and trainers, which are given to the sales representatives free of charge.
Retailing profit: 20% of the retailing price, included in the payable price once the invoiced is registered with a discount.
Retail Commission: 20% of the retailing product's price is included in the payable price once the invoiced is registered.
Website: means the online site of the Company at www.EspadLand.com through which all exchanges between the sales representatives and the Company are done.
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Article 1. The minimum age for membership in EspadLand is 18 years.
Article 2. The Sales representative can enroll and be a group member through the Internet and the Company's official web.
Article 3. All applicants shall give complete identity information at enrollment and are protected by the Company.
Note 1: The related position will be blocked if the sales representative registers fake and untrue identity information.
Article 4. It is compulsory to register passport or nationality numbers in the profile registration form.
Article 5. Membership of the sales representative will be official upon receipt of the signup by the Company. EspadLand, based on its powers, can accept or reject requests of the persons.
Note 1- Being active in the Company and receiving commission shall be subject to the complete profile information and verified KYC.
Article 6- In case the sales representative cancels membership and withdraws from activity in the Company, he/she shall give the original membership request along with a new identity through the head office to the Company or emailing to: support@espadland.com
Article 7. Membership in EspadLand is free and doesn't require payment of money or product purchase.
Article 8. They shall pay the potential expenses of the representatives for marketing and absorption of the customers, and the Company is not obliged to pay such costs.
Article 9. Upon acceptance of the applicant's registration form by EspadLand, a virtual office is allocated to him on the Company's website. The sales representative can enter it by referring to the website of www.EspadLand.com and entering the email and password.
Note 1- The representative should protect the email and password of the virtual office of the sales representative. In case they neglect it leading to its disclosure, the sales representative shall be responsible for any withdrawal and leaving the position.
Article 10. EspadLand has no obligation toward the sales representative of any rank, such as payment of fixed salary, premium, etc.

Ranks of the sales representatives:
Article 11. The sales representatives are divided into four classes based on the personal ranks attained in the last week ended to their activity:
Bronze /Silver /Gold /Diamond
and the sales representatives are divided into seven classes based on the organization ranks attained in the last week ended to their activity:
Beginner/Supporter/Agent/Presenter/Trainer/Leader and Espad


Article 12. All goods supplied by EspadLand have the trademark registration number, guaranty card, and product I.D. number.
Article 13. Since the products of EspadLand Company are handicrafts, the customer accepts that the received product is different from the photo of the product on the site by 10 % to 20%. Technical specifications of the goods, including picture, weight, type, and price, are given in the shop section of the Company's official website.
Article 14. The Company commits to informing the sales representatives of the necessary information and quantitative and qualitative changes in the products of the Company.
Article 15. The Company shall change the type, brand, and price of the goods, and the sales representatives waive the right of objection in this regard.

Order and settlement:
Article 16. Products of the Company shall be supplied and sold exclusively through the website of the sales representatives, and all orders should be registered on the Company's website at www.espadland.com
Article 17. Before full settlement of the order price through an electronic portal, product delivery is impossible.
Article 18. The sales representative shall, within 24 hours of confirmation of the registered invoice (ended the same week), provide a request for transfer of invoice to the services and support unit through telegram: @crm_espadland
Article 19. All sales representatives shall register the order of consumers within 24 hours of receiving the fund on the website of the Company.
Note: Obligations and warranties of cosmetic products, skincare, and medical services produced and distributed by suppliers outside of espadland are not the responsibility of espadland but the burden of suppliers and manufacturers. Therefore, before buying the services or products we mentioned, research their manufacturers and providers.

Submission of products

Article 20. The Company shall, within 7 to 60 working (business) days, deliver the goods to the sales representative or consumer whose name has been registered upon registration of the goods order based on the determined destination in the customer's invoice.
Article 21. The sales representative active in cities where the branches have been registered can receive their goods in the department of the Company or at home.
Submission costs will be added to the invoice as described in the invoice table on the website upon order registration.
Article 22. Not sending the report within 24 hours after receiving the goods or a Signature of the receipt of the goods by the sales representative or any person whom they have introduced means authentication and soundness of the goods received by them.
Article 23. If the goods are found to be defective before delivery to the sales representative for any reason whatsoever, the Company shall replace them.


Article 24. commission of the sales representatives shall be remitted to their account based on the compensation income plan of the Company and after the weekend calculation (Sunday at 12 P.M.) until the end of the 3-5 business days after withdrawal by sales representatives.
Article 25. All sales representatives' commissions can be remitted only to the person's account, which has been included in the registration form in the representative's name. Paying into another person's bank account or cash payment out of the network is not possible.
Article 26. The Company shall not pay any commission for recruitment to the sales representatives, and the related commission and bonus shall be paid for the sale of the products of this Company.
Article 27. The commission will be paid based on the effective sale. (Minimum withdrawal: 24 Euro).
Article 28. The Company has the right to deduct the contingent debts of the sales representative to the Company from his/her commission.
Article 29. The company and sales representatives shall follow the laws country regarding the application of vat and tax, duties, premiums, etc., and shall apply it in the compensation plan and his/her sales invoice.
Article 30. The tax shall accrue to all those who earn income. Therefore, all sales representatives shall give a tax declaration following the tax laws and regulations under Direct Tax Law. The Company shall not be responsible for the sales representatives' failure to provide the tax declaration in their country.
Article 31. The sales representative's commission shall be paid if the matter complies with other regulations. Suppose the representative's commission is not paid at the above-announced due date. In that case, he shall follow the subject upon submission of the bank-printed statement through his/her head office to the services and support unit of the Company.
Article 32. Suppose the sales representative needs clarification about the receivable commission. In that case, he/she can email his/her request with a Signature to crm@espadland.com, and if the raised subject is true, the commission difference shall be remitted to their account.


Article 33. Advertisements about the introduction of EspadLand's brand and the distributed goods only belong to the Company, and the Company acts in this field based on its policies.
Note 1-The sales representatives for the advertisement shall observe provisions of the instruction announced by the Company as the bylaw for advertising, marketing, and selling the Company's products.
Note 2- For any nonverbal advertisement, such as the Internet, SMS, and the like, it is compulsory to receive written permission from the Company. Logos and trademarks should be used exactly as mentioned in the Company's instructions.
Article 34. Using seductive advertisement methods and providing altered or false information is not permissible.
Article 35. The Company will produce all advertisement tools and equipment used to introduce work and products. Therefore, the representatives can prepare these tools if they tend to do.
Article 36. The version of the catalog of the sales representatives is published and uploaded to the website.
Article 37. The sales representatives are not allowed to insert addresses, contact telephone numbers, and email addresses of the Company or its affiliates on their visitor cards.
Article 38. The sales representative has no right to make and use any seal which bears the name and logo of the Company or the telephone number or address of one of the offices of the Company.
Article 39. Any breach of this article means violating the laws and regulations, leading to suspension or immediate cancellation of the violator's membership. It is not permissible to use spam (sending email to those who don't tend to receive it) and autodial systems and SMS.
Article 40. Any advertisement for absorbing the sales representative and announcing the prices of products lower than EspadLand's website through the media system and social media is not allowed.
Article 41. The sales representative with any organizational rank shall only interview with radio, television, newspapers, and magazines or hold public conferences or advertisements of the Company, products, and services with the Company's prior agreement and written license. All requests relating to media should be given to the Company for coordination.
Article 42. Only one group has the right to create a base in the unit in all exhibits, galleries, temporary floors, and other types of exhibit shopping.
Article 43. Suppose there is a complaint about the interference of the sales marketer or advertisement marketer notified to the Company. In that case, the Company shall have appointed an impartial representative for observing documents and field study.
Article 44. In case of dispute, the Company shall collect the documents and issue the final verdict by the following priorities:
Time priority for receiving the letter of introduction from the Company
Time priority for concluding the contract for holding the exhibit booth
Time priority for holding the gallery and exhibit booth
Other reliable evidence and proof
Note 1- Priority for receiving the letter of introduction from the Company shall be applied when the Company's office is notified within 48 hours of the conclusion of the contract with the organizer for holding the booth.
Article 45. The view of the supervising manager of the Company is final and not reviewed. The supervising manager shall recognize instances of market interference.
Article 46. Suppose a person or persons don't follow the issued verdict. In that case, the Company shall stop the activity of the violating sales representatives in the first stage through the written notice and in the second stage through suspension of the work position.
Article 47. The sale of the Company's products in cyberspace is not allowed without compliance with the bylaw of advertisement by all sales representatives; however, the created web should be allocated exclusively to the sale of products of the Company and not announce the prices of products lower than the EspadLand's website.

Return and buyback of the products

Article 48. The Company shall accept the right of goods and services withdrawal following provisions of the e-commerce act within 24 hours if the goods are in sound condition and not consumed at all such that its re-sale is impossible. The sales representative shall not reject the request for the return of the goods by the end-user, and the consumer shall decide this case.
Note: Customer shall pay for sending, tracking, and mailing the product.
The right of withdrawal starts as follows:
In case of sale of goods as the date of submission of goods to the consumer and case of sale of services since conclusion to 24 hours
Anyway, the right of withdrawal of the consumer shall be applied after providing the information the supplier shall give following the related laws.
Once the consumer uses the right of withdrawal, the supplier shall return the received price without any claim as soon as possible to the consumer minus submission cost before every Sunday at 23:00'.
Right of withdrawal of the consumer once the special conditions do not govern the type of goods and services.
Note 1. Only goods inserted in the registered invoices will be accepted by the Company within 24 hours after reporting the request for the return of goods.
Article 49. The sales representative can announce a request for the return of the purchased goods to the Company under the following conditions:
A-The representative shall register a request for the goods return through the website of the Company on the Internet within 24 hours by email to crm@espadland.com
B-the sales representative shall deliver the returned goods to the warehouse or one of the offices of the Company under the conditions announced by the Company regarding the acceptance of goods.
Note 1- The returner shall return the goods to the warehouse or one of the offices of EspadLand. The returner can return it to the warehouse or one of the offices of EspadLand physically or through the mail, and the returner shall pay all expenses resulting from the return.
Note 2- In case the sales representative refuses to accept the return of the goods or direct retrieval of the goods by the consumer by any means, the Company is not authorized to refuse to sell the goods in the head office of the sales representative and deduct the related expenses based on provisions of this law. On this basis, the consumer shall return the goods upon giving the purchase invoice and delivery of the returned goods to the warehouse or one of the offices of the Company.
Article 50. In case the Company does not accept the returned goods, the return process will be stopped, and the goods returned shall pay recovery expenses of returned goods from the Company's warehouse.
Article 51. In case of cancellation of the marketing contract, recovery of the sold products (exceeding 24 hours ended to cancellation of the contract), which can be resold and restituting the receivable price of the returned goods minus the expense of submission and return of goods and retailing profit accruing to the marketer out of consumer price and non-refundable tax.
Note 1- The Company can deduct the paid commission in return for the sale of returned goods from the subsequent commission of the related marketers.
Note 2- In case of sending a return request for the goods or canceling the buyer's order, the point of her/his commercial position will be canceled and blocked.

Withdrawal and cancellation of the contract:
Article 52. The sales representative can, at any time, withdraw from membership and activity. In this case, the Company will inactivate his/her position by committing to pay all accruing per cents following provisions of this law. For this purpose, they can send an email with a "request for withdrawal of activity" subject to support@espadland.com
Article 53. Registering the contract in the name of two or more partners is impossible.
Article 54. In case the active sales representative of the Company enrolls and registers for another position on the website and this is proven for the Company, both or all posts will be inactivated.
Article 55. It is not permissible to sell or transfer a position or benefits resulting from it to another person, whether or not definitely. If this act is committed secretly, the Company shall cancel the function.
Note 1-It is permissible to transfer the position to the first-degree relatives (children, father, mother, sister, and brother) or wife/husband based on the legal requirements or notarized deed. Applicants of this transfer shall give their formal and written request to the Company, and the position will be transferred after the agreement of the Company.
Article 56. Considering the definition of a marketing unit code for the passport or I.D. number of the positioning owner, it is impossible to change the name of the position and finally change the passport number or I.D. number.
Note 1-In case the sales representative enters name and last name/account or passport/I.D. Number by mistake at the time of registration, he/she shall request its correction. It is necessary to note that the account number should belong to the positioning owner.
Article 57. If a position is canceled, its sales representative shall be directly linked to the higher sales representative of the withdrawn position.
Article 58. A member has the right to introduce a person with the following conditions as a beneficiary during his/her life and heir of their position after death:
The beneficiary shall be the heir of the sales representative during his/her death.
It is compulsory to receive a death certificate and probate as the necessary proof for transfer of the position.
Note 1- the Company doesn't recognize and accept the transfer of the position and its benefits to the beneficiary until he sends the Company the deceased person's death certificate along with the completed request for new membership.
Note 2-After the Company receives the death certificate and registration form, the beneficiary can receive the position of the former person and all benefits resulting from it since the transfer of the situation. He/she shall observe the conditions of the contract and laws and regulations. They shall perform the duties of the former member.
Article 59. If the person doesn't appoint a beneficiary during his/her life, membership will be canceled when they die.
Article 60. After signup, not possible to change commercial position.
Article 61. Every representative after the signup membership can't give a request for a commercial transfer position
Article 62. After elapse of 6 months of the representative's membership, a request for transfer of the position shall be possible and applicable after investigating the reasons of the parties by the branch authorities and also confirmation of the supervising manager of the Company.

Handling dissatisfaction

Article 63. Following the notified regulations, the dissatisfaction registration system in the Company has been taken into account to deal with the dissatisfactions of each sales representative and consumers.
Note 1-Registration of dissatisfaction, and following it this way doesn't prevent pursuing the discontent in the judicial authorities.
Article 64. Each of the sales representatives or consumers shall raise their problems through the Company's official website related to dissatisfaction so that the supervising manager selected by the Company can settle the case based on a specified schedule.
Article 65. Suppose the dissatisfied person was not satisfied for any reason whatsoever. In that case, he/she can bring the action in any competent court after receiving the tracking code indicative of dissatisfaction with the Company's internal committee.
Article 66. The cases mentioned hereunder in the internal dispute settlement plan shall be investigated in the Company:
Announcing dissatisfaction of the sales representative against the Company
Announcing dissatisfaction with the Company against the representative
Announcing the dissatisfaction of the customer against the Company
Announcing dissatisfaction of the sales representative against the sales representative of the same Company
Announcing the dissatisfaction of the customer against the sales representative
Note 1- In the first three cases where the Company if satisfaction is not achieved ((after raising the problem in the Company and receiving the internal dispute settlement code of the Company), the parties can submit their dissatisfaction in the courts.
Note 2- Dissatisfactions in the other two cases (Announcing dissatisfaction of the sales representative against the sales representative of the same Company and announcing blow of the customer against the sales representative) shall be only raised in the internal committee of the Company.
Article 67. The internal dispute settlement plan shall have the following characteristics:
Being fair and having a fast performance
Being purposive and transparent
Having easy access
Being free of charge
Article 68. Suppose a sales representative or customer has expressed his/her dissatisfaction through the legal authorities and beyond the dispute settlement plan. In that case, the Company shall not investigate the blow in its dispute settlement plan. It shall inform the sales representative and customer.
Note 1- The Company can investigate dissatisfaction in its internal dispute plan if the sales representative or customer avoids handling dissatisfaction in other legal authorities with his/her consent.
Article 69. After the sales representative or customer expresses his/her dissatisfaction to the internal dispute settlement section of the Company, the supervising manager shall send the information to another party within three working days. The respondent shall, within five working days, send the requested information to the supervising manager of the Company. In case of failure to receive a response during this term, the supervising manager shall announce the result in favor of the dissatisfied person. In the case of sending necessary information and remarks by the respondent, the supervising manager shall notify the outcome within ten working days.
Article 70. To realize the internal dispute settlement plan, the Company has held a disciplinary committee consisting of three elected members (A marketing manager or fully authorized representative, a member of the board of directors, and one attorney at law), and verdicts of this committee are binding in the scope of the determined jurisdictions by this law.
Article 71. The disciplinary committee of the Company shall investigate the announced dissatisfactions based on Article 71 and also handle violations of the sales representatives regarding breach of the laws and regulations, instructions, and bylaws announced by the Company. The competent authorities and the supervising manager shall handle it in other cases.

Security, working health, and general rules:
Article 72. During the contract (membership), the Company shall give the sales representative information, including reports, a list of customers, working definitions, and other related commercial information at genealogy. Such information, whether electronic or written, is regarded as confidential and is given to him/her only to notify the sales representatives about the membership affairs.
Note 1- The sales representative can only use this information to improve planning, sale, services, and training during his/her work trend and shall protect and maintain such information. The sales representatives shall not give this information to third parties and not use it directly or indirectly for their non-working activities. They are not authorized to utilize it after the membership cancelation.
Note 2- Under these regulations, the legal and criminal responsibilities resulting from misuse of the provided information to the sales representative shall be assumed by him/her. In case of any misuse or transfer and disclosure of this information by the sales representative, he/she shall be responsible to the legal authorities.
Article 73. All working information of EspadLand with agents, brokers, sales representatives, and suppliers is kept confidential. The Company has the power to make this information accessible. Therefore, any effort of the members to access this information directly or indirectly is prohibited, and the violators will be conducted following the internal instructions.
Article 74. The sales representative shall observe the security principles to protect the password of his/her virtual head office, and the Company has no responsibility for the penetration of others into the virtual office of the sales representatives.
Note 1- In case of any action through the username of the sales representative, the representative's username will be blocked forever for hacking and disrupting the Company's systems, and he/she shall indemnify all damages which the Company has incurred.
Article 75. Financial or working relations between the sales representatives and consumers are personal relations, and the Company, by these regulations, shall disclaim all consequences and effects of these relations.
Note 1- In case the mutual financial relations are indicative of a violation of internal laws and regulations of the Company and other laws and regulations relating to network marketing, the Company can apply the rules about violators.
Article 76. The sales representative has no right to conclude a contract on behalf of EspadLand Company with the natural persons or legal entities and is not authorized to introduce him/her as an agent or employee of the Company.
Article 77. Any interference of the sales representative in the affairs relating to other sales representatives at the cross line of the Company, including training, guidance, coordination, etc., is prohibited.
Article 78. Upon introducing experiences and recruitment of the new sales representatives, the sales representative shall emphasize that this is a job opportunity for commissioning an independent business and is not regarded as the employment relationship between the invited person and the Company.
Article 79. It is not permissible for the sales representatives to receive cash funds or any noncash property for the introduction of the Company to the persons and representatives to take a particular position through the Company's compensation plan.
Article 80. In EspadLand policy, no domain or exclusive concession has been defined for marketing or sale (except for what has been prohibited expressly by the notified laws and regulations). The sales representative can sell the products or absorb the sales representative. Any sales representative has no right to grant, sell, transfer, or assign such exclusive concession to others. Any sales representative is free to start his/her commerce in any region per the regulations.
Note 1- It is compulsory for the sales representatives with any rank to observe legal, customary, and ethical requirements and also requirements of the Company regarding attendance of the sales representatives in all branches, seminars, and conferences held by the Company.
Article 81. EspadLand only accepts responsibility for the presented educational materials on its official websites. In case the sales representative causes loss to the third parties (including another sales representative, consumer, etc.) by providing unreal information or incorrect training, he shall indemnify the incurring damage.
Article 82. The Company holds the consultative assembly of EspadLand comprising of the selected sales representatives to utilize views of the sales representatives at E.L.C. (Espadland's Leadership Council), and the manner of election of its members and jurisdictions the managing of the Company will notify the council.
Article 83. The sales representative shall use the equipment and tools of the Company and deliver them again to the Company in sound condition. In case they fail to keep the given properties to him/her, the Company is authorized to withdraw from the commission and bonus of the sales representative.
Article 84. All printed documents and sources, videos, photos, designs, and slogans of EspadLand Company are protected by copyright. They shall only be renovated and used in any form with the prior written license of EspadLand, wholly or partly.
Article 85. Content of EspadLand websites, such as text, graphics, photos, design, and plan, are protected by the copyright and shall not be used without the prior written license of EspadLand for any commercial purposes and others.
Article 86. The sales consultants shall observe all laws, regulations, and membership rules and shall not take actions that may disrepute them or EspadLand.
Article 87. All members shall observe the ethical and behavioral rules when they attend the presentation of the Company.
Article 88. The activity of the sales representative is prohibited in illegal companies. In case membership of the sales representative in these companies is ascertained, membership of the person without prior notice will be permanently canceled.
Article 89. In case of failure to observe each of the laws and regulations of EspadLand and other related requirements, legal decisions of the Company are applied as follows, considering the type and frequency of it by the sales representative:
Degree 1) Oral notice
Degree 2) written notice inserted in record of the violating sales representative
Degree 3) Written notice upon receipt of the obligation physically from the violating sales representative
Degree 4) Suspension of the position of the violating sales representative for one month to twelve months
Degree 5) Cancelation of the contract and revocation of the position of the violating sales representative
Note 3- The Company can deduct the incurring damages of the violating sales representative from the commission of the performance in the following weeks.
Article 90. All regulations and bylaws enacted by the Company regarding disciplinary issues, published through the Company's website, and announced to the sales representative are regarded as these regulations and applied by the disciplinary committee of the Company.
Article 91. EspadLand protects the right to amend or change the laws and regulations, prices and method of goods presentation, and compensation plan whenever necessary. Once completed, these amendments can be applied on the Company's website.
Under no circumstances should marketers make conflicting promises or data to the customer outside the rules. In the event of such a problem and proof of a violation by the marketer: First stage: warning Second stage: commission block up to 3 months Third stage: block of commercial position for up to 6 months Fourth stage: permanent block of Virtual Office position.

Shipping Terms

1- Goods purchased during the week after calculating the current week's earnings and commission are placed in the shipping process.
2- Once the item is placed in the shipping process, the purchased item will be delivered to the customer within 60 business days (5 days in a week - holidays)
Force majeure conditions are outside the Company's obligations and are added to 60 business days.
3- All customers and IBO can cancel their purchase till Sunday every week before 23:00 (before calculating commission).they will receive a 100% refund within seven business days. After calculating the commission in the current period, there will be no possibility of any kind of return, and the customer will fully accept this rule.
4- All goods are subject to qualitative and technical Inspection before shipping. Please avoid receiving the package if it is Damaged and report it to the Post Officer, then report it to the Department of Shipping on the website (Ticket) within 24 hours.
5- All EspadLand's goods come with identification and warranty card (Digital). The product's box does not include a warranty.
6- The warranty of the products will be void if the damage is caused by the networker, marketer, or customer after Inspection by the experts'
7- ESPADLAND will not be liable for any wrong shipping address or postal code entered by the user. Shipping and re-posting costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
8. Tariffs for customs costs vary from country to country, all of which are customer-related, and the company has no liability whatsoever (DDU).
9. Safe Shopping Guarantee: Online credit card purchases made on Espadland are done so through Stripe secure server, using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the most advanced encryption technology available, to transmit your request, Our secure server software, together with your browser, strongly encrypts all of your personal information - including credit card number, name, expiration date, and zip code - so that it cannot be read by anyone else over the internet. The encryption process converts the characters you enter into coded data that is then stored in its encrypted form for maximum safety. So feel free to enjoy a secure purchase and shopping.

Be stable and purposeful
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