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Jewelry is always a wonderful gift for friends and family.

This product is made of Brass metal and Azure stone.

When designed and personalized it creates double the joy of receiving jewelry.

By choosing Espeland's products to help to create unique and perfect jewelry for yourself or loved ones.

The history of engraved jewelry dates back thousands of years. 

Jewelry was first created to be an adornment, typically made of precious metals and often set with gems or imitation gemstones.

Since it was discovered that engraving enhanced the beauty and meaning of the jewelry, thus evolved a wide range of personalized jewelry creations.

Jewelry is associated with a personal feeling.

Even when creating traditional jewelry, our goal is to produce something special and outstanding. We achieve this goal by using brass metal shaping it in richly authentic designs.

Thoughtful Impressions has been leaving last impressions with people around the world for years!  

And, each year, we add new engrave products to our jewelry collections that add charm, beauty, fun, and originality to our engraving jewelry collection.

Purchase and acknowledgement agreement: Please note that the color of the brass metal becomes a bit black due to moisture or humidity and this is very normal and common for these products by time-lapse.

This first-grade product has 1-year personal identification card with a warranty.

Note: Product boxes are only to protect the products from any damage and it's not a part of the product. As well it is excluded from the warranty coverage.

Note: Damage, scratches and maintenance in a humid environment are not covered by the warranty service

Note: If you have skin allergies to the material of this product, avoid buying it.

Note: Due to the hand-crafted process that leads to any product, your custom product, in terms of role-playing, drawings and style, may not fit 100% of the product provided on the site, and is about 20% different.

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Espadland's Shipping Terms:

1- Goods purchased during the week following the calculation of the current week's earnings and commission are placed in the shipping process.

2- Once the item is placed in the shipping process, the purchased item will be delivered to the customer within 60 business days (5 days in a week - holidays)

Force majeure conditions are outside the company's obligations and are added to 60 business days.

The total time it takes to receive your order is shown below:

3- Respected marketers and networkers IBO  can cancel their purchase till Sunday every week, before 23:00  (before calculating commission).they will receive a 100% refund within business days. After calculating the commission in the current period, there will be no possibility of any kind of return And the customer will fully accept this rule.

4- All goods are subject to qualitative and technical inspection before shipping. Please avoid receiving the package if it is damaged and report it to the Post Officer then report it to the Department of Shipping on the website within 48 business hours.

5- All EspadLand's goods come with identification and  Warranty Card.

6- The warranty of the products will be void if the damage is caused by the networker, marketer or customer after Inspection by the experts

7- ESPADLAND will not be liable for any wrong shipping address or postal code entered by the user.

8- Tariff (import fee) for customs cost vary from country to country, all of which are customer-related, and the company has no liability whatsoever.

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