"Burnish": Pardaz on Copper

Pardaz on Copper and Enameling Burnish

Copper Pardaz and Enameling  Burnish is a unique combination of pumice designs and copper colours.

This beautiful handicraft work on your desk at your work or home will make a memorable memory for your guests.

This copper and card product with stunning beauty and durability is the perfect replacement for crystalline and crystalline products.

To produce this work, Iranian craftsmanship is first made of copper crude. Then Professor Enameling, artistically,

designs beautiful and delicate designs in specific portions of the container.

Together, the beautiful colour of the copper metal and

The various colours of the Isfahan Pug have created a diverse variety in this fascinating product.

This copper and card product can be an ornament for many years and will remind the audience of the original art and culture.

 This first-grade product is a 5 year’s personal identification card with a warranty.