Income Plan

SLM : Single Level Marketing

Sales Representative:

Every registered person who signs through the EspadLand official website for the purpose of introducing and selling the products and has a marketing code.

Independent Representative (Direct):

a sale agent who registers with the code of his reagent on the site is a direct agent.

 Active Agent: 

a selling agent who sells or buy (for personal use) at least one of EspadLand products within a week through the EapadLand's site, and is therefore allowed to receive rewards from the Income Plan.

Personal Sales (Retail):

any sales order registered by the Sales Representative panel office.


The salary paid to each sales representative for ordering and personal sale of EspadLand products.

Rewards / Direct Bonus:

Revenues generated by the Single Level of the direct team that are calculated by the EspadLand revenue-generating scheme and are paid to the “active” agents.

Compresses Law:

If your direct selling agent does not sell any of company’s products during the week, it would not be involved in the company's incentive plans that week, and its direct representatives will be transferred to up level.


The Company is required to calculate all commission and remuneration of resellers at 12 A.M on every Sunday and deposit it on Thursday.

Retail Commission in SLM:

All dear entrants registered Marketer on the EspadLand website can operate in a single-level marketing plan and in case of unlimited customer acquisition:

Retail:  Receive 20% of the Product amount of items purchased in the Cart as with Discount 

Direct Bonus: Receive 30% of the Product amount of items purchased in the Level One position(Directs) as a commission on a weekly basis.

Retail Discount Retail Bonus
20% Retail Discount 30% Direct Bonus